Perdomo Cigars

A family-owned company with headquarters in Miami, Florida and farming and manufacturing facilities in Estelí, Nicaragua. As a vertically integrated cigar manufacturer, they control every process, from farming operations in the fertile valleys of Estelí, Condega and Nicaragua's famed Jalapa regions to their distribution center in Miami, Florida.

The production facilities consist of farms, greenhouses, drying sheds, fermentation warehouses, selection and sorting departments, production facilities, a state-of-the-art box factory and a first-class packaging operation. Each department is fully committed to ensuring quality is their top priority!

Perdomo Cigars is the only cigar manufacturer to fully absorb the criminal SCHIP federal excise tax on all of its brands, and we will continue to do so. As a family business, they have maintained and in many cases lowered their prices to be extremely competitive. Their approach is to continue to offer the highest quality premium cigars at affordable prices.

Tabacalera Perdomo produces some of the most sought after handmade cigars that set the standard for quality and taste around the world. Their tobaccos are well-aged and have complex flavors that provide cigar aficionados with a rich and satisfying smoking experience.

Finca Natalie, PERDOMO's most prestigious farm, is named after Nick and Janine's daughter. Located in Estelí Nicaragua, Finca Natalie has four curing barns, each holding 9.72 million tobacco leaves in a growing season for a total of 38.88 million leaves per year. Each leaf is harvested by hand.

PERDOMO uses bourbon casks to age their tobaccos to the perfect color, texture, aroma and flavor. The layers of charcoal in the American white oak bourbon barrels help caramelize the colors and flavors of these specialty tobaccos. This extra fermentation process guarantees that each leaf has a smooth taste and is bursting with rich flavours.

PERDOMO uses this tailor-made system to prepare the delicate wrap tobaccos. As the wheels turn, the hands of the tobacco open and absorb the moisture. The slow rotation protects the wrappers from being damaged or bruised during wetting.

Each PERDOMO cigar is tested for quality control to ensure perfect draw. PERDOMO inspects 100% of daily production.

Each finished PERDOMO cigar is hand checked for quality and consistency in wrapper, cap, blend and weight before being sent to the maturation room. Each PERDOMO cigar is inspected 17 times before being sent for distribution

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