Electric tuber machine

Electric Machine to Make Cigarettes Guide - Choosing Tobacco for Cigarettes 1. Introduction Which brand to choose? How much to buy? At what cost? Here are often the questions of beginners smoking tube cigarettes. 2. Different types of tobacco. There are two types of tobacco that make cigarettes that are: - brown tobacco - brown tobacco Brown tobacco is a manufactured product made up of a mixture of dried tobacco in natural air and is characterized by a dark color and an alkaline pH. The blond tobacco is raw and is dried in hot air. There are 3 groups of blond tobacco (Virginia, Burley and Orient). It is differentiated from brown tobacco by its colour, which is more yellow, orange or light brown. 3. Special rolling tobacco for tube machine? There is rolling tobacco for the tube machine but it is not recommended to use conventional rolling tobacco. Special rolling tobacco for machine is optimized to be injected into cigarette tubes because it is thinner and ground. 4. How much tobacco is put in a cigarette tube? On average without packing, 1 gram of tobacco is put in per tube. Otherwise with a 40 gram pack you can make between 30 and 50 tube cigarettes. With 100 grams of tobacco you will make between 90 and 120 tube cigarettes. With 100 grams of tobacco volume you will make approximately between 150 and 200 cigarettes tupped. These numbers are given as an indication and depend on the setting of your machine.

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