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WoodWick Crackles as it burns

Virginia Gift Brands was founded in 1990 in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA.
Today the company occupies a manufacturing facility not far from the original garage in which it was started.
Their goal remains the same today, as it was when the company was founded: to make innovative products of the highest quality available.

Virginia Gift Brands is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of premium quality fragrance delivery products. The Company's exceptional quality and innovation have made their products household favorites across the world. The premium wax blends and carefully formulated fragrances ensure consistent smells and one of the longest burn times in the industry.

Virginia Gift Brands is also a leading pioneer in the development and use of the finest renewable natural and organic resources. From organic wicks made of wood to fragrances infused with essential oils to proprietary natural wax blends, Virginia Gift Brands is dedicated to the purity of ingredients. We guarantee you this: our products will nourish your senses and enhance your home décor.

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